Cathy & Lorne – Fort Langley Wedding

Cathy & Lorne have known each other for a long time and by a long time I mean a loooooooooong time. Let me just say that this wedding has been about 13 years in the making. I knew my husband for not much longer than 6 months before we were engaged. Then I married him a year and a half later. Cathy & Lorne started dating in high school. I love that they have such a long history with one another. All of their family and friends have watched them grow as a couple over the years and watching the expressions on their faces as they witnessed this marriage was priceless. The weather was beautiful, the speeches were exceptionally entertaining, and the couple looked stunning to top it all off. Married life has finally arrived! – enjoy!

This is the ‘we just got married’ pose

I know I already posted this one, but I felt like it deserved to go up again

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