Halloween Candy – My Nemesis

Dear Halloween Candy,

Please stop being so delicious. – SERIOUSLY!!! What is it about a mini Mars bar that makes it significantly better than a normal sized one?! I would never crave, let alone purchase a Mars bar. I’m more of an ‘eat a whole large bag of Smartfood Popcorn to myself’ kind of a person. However, after you read the ingredients and caloric value you realize there is absolutely nothing ‘smart’ about it.
This mini Mars bar addiction started after the wonderful woman working in the Grocery store line-up let us in on a little secret: “when you purchase $100 worth of groceries, you get a free box of Halloween candy”. Now this was no simple, crappy box of candy we walked away with. It was 100 pieces of the good stuff. There is (more like was) Twix, M&M plain and peanut, Snickers, Mars, etc. When we opened the box to just have a few and save the rest for trick-or-treaters, it was never my intention to eat 30 mini Mars bars.
Now I’m like a junkie searching for another hit of Mars bar. Piling them up in front of me and devouring them one by one, only to be left with a sad looking mound of empty wrappers. It must be the chocolate to caramel to nougat-stuff ratio.
A large Mars bar has an inadequate amount of chocolate to each bite of other aforementioned stuff. When given the smaller portions of caramel and nougat, one would assume that it would taste just like a regular Mars bar BUT, if you consider the mini bars to be ‘bite size’ (and you shove the whole thing in your mouth like I do) then technically each bite is coated in chocolate, therefore making it a more delicious result. I can’t fit a whole regular size Mars bar in my mouth, so it can not be considered bite size. If we consider deliciousness to be the only true unit of measure in this case,
then: caramel+nougat/chocolate= delicious
Now if you eat as many as I did, the above equation would look more like this:
caramel+nougat/chocolate x 30= I need an intervention

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