private Workshops

"I had been following Teryn Lee for a while and admiring her work when I discovered she offered 1:1 film workshops. I wanted to jump in feet first so I booked a full day workshop with her and bought all the gear. Before the day she was extremely helpful with answering all my questions about film and equipment.
 The workshop was amazing and more than I could have even hoped for. Her planning and attention to detail was incredible and she listened to and answered ALL my questions for (literally) hours! All of the vendors were extremely talented and I enjoyed working with every one of them. Teryn taught me SO much and filled in all my gaps of my knowledge for both film and digital from shooting to editing and much more. The whole day was literally just my dream!
 Teryn was so down to earth and willing to share all her knowledge to help you progress as a professional photographer. We had so much fun chatting and just barley had enough time to eat at the end of the day. Her workshop was the best investment I could have made for my photography career. I left feeling so much more confident and validated in my talent and to top it all off my work from the shoot was featured by Trendy Bride Magazine!" - Melissa Mae Photography

"the workshop was amazing and more than i could have even hoped for..."

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