Marshmallow Bandit

Today I walked to the park with my best friend and her 2 little ones. Her son is at the age where they know to plead for what they want and if they don’t get it… well, a meltdown ensues. Today it was marshmallows that he wanted. Once he saw them we were doomed. “Can I has a Marbewo?” “Pweese?” “Pweese?” “Come on…” I love kids at this age (I’m serious). Their ability to basically black-mail you really starts to shine: Give me the marshmallow or everyone at this park is going to witness an intense breakdown. I’m sure once I have my own children I may change my mind and opt for a different favorite age. He has also taken to calling me Auntie Boopsie, so obviously I don’t care what he does because that’s just awesome.


spin me faster!
Clearly wanting a faster spin than the one required for this photograph: 1 mile/per hour.

I'm so handsome
This is a sliding professional if I’ve ever seen one.

Happy little muffin
Here’s the other little one – too young to have tasted sweet marshmallow goodness.

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