The Boops

As many people know, I love my dog. She is the best! Who wouldn’t want to come home to someone super excited to see you no matter how long you’ve been gone? 20 minutes, 2 hours, 2 days… the boops doesn’t care. She still has the same amount of excited freak-out when I get home. So, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner I guess someone had the idea that everyone on Facebook should change their profile pic to one of them with their significant other and in their status write how long they’ve been together. Well if you’ve seen my profile picture in these past few months it is a picture of me holding my dog. So hopefully people haven’t taken notice and will think that I’ve posted a picture of me and Madison in honour of Valentine’s Week on Facebook. If you haven’t been creeping through my blog and found the pictures of Madison, here is a picture of the fluff:

Gizmo from Gremlins
The poor little fluff is in need of a trim. Note the centre part and I think those are officially bangs. Yes, that’s right, my dog has bangs.

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