Best of Tantrums

These are a few shots of some freak-out and pre-freak-out faces. Children always have a way of letting you know that they are not impressed and that they are done for the day.
Since they can’t form full sentences to protest at a young age, obviously they have to resort to a tantrum. It just makes sense. I would have a fit too, if my mommy gave me salt and vinegar chips and then took them away so that a lady could take my picture. Seriously they’re delicious. Definitely worth tantrum-ing over (if you want to see what I mean, take a look at the second picture). Note to self: give chips after they work it for the camera.
I have included at the bottom of each picture what I imagine they are thinking…

Don't look at me“Seriously. Don’t look at me. Especially not with a camera or any other device that can possibly capture me smiling.”

I love salt and vinegar chips“I love salt and vinegar chips and can be easily bribed with them. Guess you shouldn’t have given them to me right off the bat and then tried to get them out of the picture/my hands. Bet you regretted that decision once I made this face.”

cute, even when full of contempt“You let dad leave to go get my toy so that I would smile in family pictures. Well, I had other plans… I wanted to go for the ‘still adorable, even while full of contempt look’ I thought it would be more flattering above the mantle.
Don’t ever leave for my toy again. Lesson learned.”

disdain for party hat“It’s my party and I’ll be enraged if I want to. Especially when you put this adorable party hat on me: Rejected.”

I want Sophie the giraffe toy back in my clutches“You were doing so well letting me chew on my toy Sophie Giraffe and then you went ahead and snatched it. I really don’t appreciate you trying to get me ‘alone’ in the picture. I’d like my company back. Think about it.”

WHAT?! there's no SANTA?!“I don’t even want to hear about the possibility of Santa or any other fictional being that brings gifts and/or candy in the middle of the night’s non-existence.”

intense dislike of necklace“Seriously, show me how to put this thing on already. My motor skills are not fine-tuned as of yet and I have an intense dislike for anything with clasps. Necklace: FAIL.”

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