i love my boopsie

Boopsie Boo
All I had to do in order to get her to make this face was make a noise comparable to that of a screaching raccoon.

Here my boopsie has become disinterested in my raccoon noise so I have tried to get her attention by telling her that she looks slightly like Steve Buscemi.
I too, would have a look of concern on my face if someone told me I resembled Steve Buscemi.

Just Another Day…
i love my boopsie

I love my dog like I would a small, smelly, furry child. She is the greatest. Of course we normally spend our nights hanging out in front of studio lighting equipment, just a regular Tuesday evening. We share many laughs and we will look back on this with much fondness… (insert sarcastic-faced emoticon here), but seriously I love my little boops, despite her odor and her barking at things that aren’t there when I am in the middle of a deep and luxurious slumber.

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