Family Photography – Langley, BC

When I see children I realize why I don’t lose weight easily anymore. They run EVERYWHERE. They sprint to get to the next place. They jump on the spot. They somehow have endless reserves of energy. I like to drive across the parking lot to get to a different store that is probably under 50 feet away.
I think I am going to take this knowledge and put it to use. If you see me jumping and skipping down the isles of a grocery store, it is not because I am trying to embarrass my husband. It is to channel my inner energetic child, and maybe embarrass him a little.
I loved the energy that these 2 little ones had during our shoot. They were so happy and giggly! Shawn & Brittny, I admire the energy you have to keep up with them! Thank you for letting me photograph your sweet little family!

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