Renovating – it never ends…

Well, as I said before we bought a new house. It was built in 1991 and is pretty much all original so it is full of peach paint, almond appliances and brass fixtures. First things first… we needed to tackle the paint in the family room. The ceilings are super high with great window light (which is the main reason I fell in love with this place) however I am mildly afraid of heights. Actually I can barely get on and off a step ladder without someone helping me. We ended up hiring a friend/painter to come in and give us a hand. Now that we are left to our own devices to paint the ‘not so high’ areas I’m wishing we had brought someone in to do it all. I’m sick of painting. I want to keep going because this sickly sweet peach colour is driving me crazy, but I have to force myself to load up that brush with more paint. I want to be at the setting up furniture and decorating part already.
Seriously looking at Kerry up on that ladder makes me want to vomit.

Her feet at the top of the frame = about 12 feet off the ground. Yuck.

The peak of that ceiling is at least 25 feet. There is no way I could get up there!

This is what happens when you have the ladder up really far and you need your husband to hold the bottom of it so that the painter doesn’t fall to their doom

We’re still working on the second coat on the lower walls and we’ve ripped up the majority of the old laminate… some ‘after’ shots will be coming soon I hope!

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