New Space

We have been renovating our house for a loooooong time now. Friends, family…. you know it has been awhile. We are so close to the finish line, I can taste it. This happens to taste like sawdust, drywall, and fresh paint (not that I know from experience – more of an opinion based on scent) Now the sad thing is that as we near the finish line it means we are that much closer to having to look for a new place. After all this, we will be selling our house and looking for our next project.
With this in mind, my husband has been trying to limit my shopping for household items or furniture. All I’ve wanted for the past month are some shelves, but I’m not allowed to get them because that means holes in the walls and the new buyers ‘won’t like that’. I want some storage solutions!!! I want drawers to fill and boxes lining a floating shelf from IKEA. I want something besides a closet to hold my things. Don’t get me wrong I love the minimalist look, but seriously I have no where to put my stuff.
On Tuesday I started my own little project in our home office. I wanted a studio space. Somewhere I can meet with clients. I do love going to Starbucks for meetings to get my fill of an Earl Grey Tea Latte, but sometimes it would just be nice if I had an office available to have a meeting in. Soooooo I went with my wonderful friend Taryn from Savoury Chef who is THE best person to go shopping with because she tells you that you should definitely get everything. She comes up with really logical ways of explaining to you why you need it. I’m always convinced!
Now I’ve put together my own little space. I tried to keep it so that I could move everything with me when we eventually sell. That means no wallpaper – which I soooo badly wanted to put on one wall. No floating shelves. No screws. Just a few finishing nails for some picture frames – literally a few, 3 to be exact. I wanted it to be really simple. The less I have to take down and pack the better.
I’m excited to find a new place but until then here is a little peek at the office makeover…

Boopsie seems to like it!

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