Carling & Kia – Pet Pictures

After I posted pictures of my good friend Lindsay and her dog I was contacted by her friend Carling about taking some pictures of her dog Kia. Did I ever think that pet photography would be a service that I offer? No. But I LOVE dogs. Would I want portraits with my dog? Yes. Do I already have a ‘Wal-Mart’ style self portrait with her on my fireplace mantle? Absolutely. Does my husband feel less loved? Probably.

Meet Kia:

Meet Carling:

Carling has a BEAUTIFUL smile

Kia has an intense love for her momma (Carling), kibble and passing cyclists

This is Kia’s loving gaze at a cyclist, there was no breaking her stare once her eyes locked on a bicycle

Seriously. BE.A.U.TI.FUL smile

This is probably my fav:

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