The furthest I’ve gone is London & Paris. I would definitely move to London – except my husband is TERRIFIED of flying. Hates it. He was mortified when I booked a trip to Maui for our honeymoon. When we were on the plane together, if a look of concern even mildly brushed across my face, he was panic stricken.
On the way back from Maui the air conditioner was dripping on a little old man across the aisle from me and I made what I thought was an innocent look of concern for the man’s comfort, but I might as well have told my husband the fuselage was leaking condensation from the atmosphere and he would shortly be sucked out of the plane. This was all interpreted from my ‘concern for elderly gentleman’s well-being’ look. I think a lot of our vacations will end up being on cruise ships…
I recently met Kristi at a birthday party. Kristi is one of those people that is really outgoing and could easily make friends anywhere. She had been living in Japan before coming back to Vancouver and now she is leaving at the end of this month to start a new job over on Pender Island. The Poet’s Cove Resort & Spa will be her new home as she continues her career as a Massage Practitioner there. I know Pender Island is only a short ferry ride, but I really admire someone who can just pack up and move to a new place. Kristi I wish you much success as you start this new chapter. xoxo – Teryn

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