Jay & Ashley – Engaged

I am ready for summer. I am ready for hot weather and sandals. I want to roll down the window and feel like a blow dryer is blowing hot air on my face. I want to hang up my winter jacket and my scarves, put away all the sweaters, retire my socks. That’s always when I know summer is ending – the awkward feeling of putting on socks. Their texture is foreign to my skin after the few months of separation. I just bought new socks yesterday, but I stared at them for a long time before committing to purchasing – thinking about how nice it’s going to be to cast them away to the top drawer of my dresser. Bring it on SUMMER! I’m ready!
Jay & Ashley are originally from Alberta – so our mildly cold weather doesn’t seem like much in comparison to their frigid winters. During this engagement session I was wearing multiple layers including a hoodie and winter jacket. Ashley was a total trooper and rocked a dress. Don’t I feel like a wimp!

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