Lindsay & Zack – Woman’s Best Friend

Lindsay and I have been friends since high school. We share a DEEP love for popcorn – we would eat it daily and sometimes do. When we were younger we would sit on my parent’s couch in their games room and have competitions to see how many kernels we could stuff into our mouths. I’m not sure what the goal was, eventually it was to keep from choking, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.
We also share a love for dogs. Her boopsie’s name is Zack. He is quite the handsome creature. He gets many compliments from passing lab owners while out on walks.

One of my favorite things that he does, besides eating everything possible, is the groaning noise he makes when you rub his ears. The only cool – or disgusting, depending on how you look at it – noise that Maddy makes is belching after inhaling her kibble. It honestly resembles a full on human belch. It’s surprising really.

Here I imagine she is saying “who’s a little boopsie?”

Lindsay, you truly do become more beautiful everyday

You are strong & ambitious

You are positive & encouraging

You are caring & kind

You are a great friend

Lindsay, you are so creative & artistic. I see so much success for you. Don’t ever stop being you, because you are amazing.

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