Boudoir Photography – Langley, BC

I’ve been holding out on you. Why? It was solely because of Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s was to involve some special gift giving. When the gifts being given are your photos, you don’t want to run the risk of the recipient getting a sneak peek of their present. Now that it is officially ‘the day after’, I’m assuming it is FINALLY safe to do a post on one of the last 3 boudoir shoots I have been working on! I was totally pumped for these shoots – hair, makeup, pretty things… what more could a girl ask for?! Thank you to my gorgeous gals for being so brave – for some, it takes a lot of courage to do this, but it was so fun and so totally worth it. I loved every minute of these shoots. Here are some from the first:

The gorgeous Miss ~S~

Where to shop: Miss S’s attire can be found at Feminine Form

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