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Got Rain?

No need to care about the weather when you look like this! More to come on this fun little shoot soon.

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Carling & Kia – Pet Pictures


After I posted pictures of my good friend Lindsay and her dog I was contacted by her friend Carling about taking some pictures of her dog Kia. Did I ever think that pet photography would be a service that I offer? No. But I LOVE dogs. Would I want portraits with my dog? Yes. Do […]

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The furthest I’ve gone is London & Paris. I would definitely move to London – except my husband is TERRIFIED of flying. Hates it. He was mortified when I booked a trip to Maui for our honeymoon. When we were on the plane together, if a look of concern even mildly brushed across my face, […]

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Fabulous Freckles

I love freckles. They are such a gorgeous rarity. I wish mine went beyond the bridge of my nose. I would also like to be 12 again, but I think freckles are somehow more attainable than a time machine…

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Animated for Argyle

Now, those of you that know me realize that I am quite sarcastic. Or if you have read any of my other posts you would have caught on. It runs in the family (“thanks mom”-said with sarcasm)I also love doing things that would at first, to the untrained eye, appear ridiculous. However despite this photo-shoot’s […]

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