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Amy and her Family


Amy and I have been best friends for many years. Photographing her son is what literally propelled my photography career. She is one of my biggest fans (besides my mom) and blog stalkers. She really is like a sister to me and I’m so thankful to have her as a friend. This session was extra […]

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Family Photos: Stewart Farm


I haven’t posted a family photo session in a long time! I’ve been just focusing on weddings lately but this family photo session was literally almost 2 years in the making! We were finally able to get the timing and weather to work in our favour! It definitely needed to be blogged. Thank you Michelle […]

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California Dreamin’


Wishing I was in California right now! Here are the images from our family session with BJ, Laurel & cute little Watson while in Hollywood. May your Easter long weekend be filled with family and sunshine!

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Summer of Busy


It has been extremely busy for me this summer – which I love. I have enjoyed photographing all of the weddings and other things in between. That’s what this post is for. The in between. I have been so busy I’ve only been posting wedding stuff, but eventually I will get around to all the […]

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Family Photography – Langley, BC

When I see children I realize why I don’t lose weight easily anymore. They run EVERYWHERE. They sprint to get to the next place. They jump on the spot. They somehow have endless reserves of energy. I like to drive across the parking lot to get to a different store that is probably under 50 […]

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